Race Results

Sunday 23 April 2017 Bowen Northway
Class All

  • OOD: Rob Moore

    A series of 3 Fleet races. Crews must be carried. (No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be Tyros then Bowen Northway)

    Last Sunday, St George’s Day, the Tyros & Bowen Northway trophies were hotly contested for with 6 boats on the water.

    OOD, Rob Moore, decided to open up the Trophies to single handed sailors as well to increase the competition.

    The wind was strong & shifty which made for some challenging sailing. The 3 races of A,B,C,A,C configuration of around 30 minutes each took their toll on the brave single handed sailors of Chandi & Rob after two races so it was down to the final race with 4 boats left to decide the trophy winners.

    Proud winners of the Tyros Trophy (BHC) were Per Fredrick as helm & Capt Per as his able crewman. Jeremy Bird & Janaka occupied the runners up position with Ernst on the podium in third place.

    The Bowen Northway Trophy (BHC, PHC) was then won by Ernst with Jon & Mini in second place and Per & Per in third.

    Richard Sutherland aka Elvis & his wife Nicky then sang for their supper with some excellent live music to entertain everyone on St George’s Day. Thank you both & to all who joined in.

    Next Sunday there will be some power boating on the water in the morning followed by sailing so it should be an action packed day. Details of times for the activities will be distributed before Sunday. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible then.


    Jon Trepte - CMYC Sailing Convenor


    1Ernst Prachatik
    2Jon TrepteMini Trepte
    3Per F SvendsenPer B Svendsen



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