Sunday 9 Mar 14 Fleet Race

Class : All BHC PHC SH Races : 1

OOD :Thibaut de Saint-Denis

Walker/Ant Island and Fleet Race - 9th March 2014

We had eight boats on the water and sailed the last three races in the Walker and Ant Island series as well as a consecutive fleet race. Over-the-line-result for the day was a 1-2-1 for Thomas/Steen and a 2-1-2 for Duncan/Gail. Walker Cup goes to Thomas/Steen with Duncan/Gail second and Thibaut/Sarah third. Ant Island Cup goes to Thibaut/Sarah with Per H/Janaka second. Ernst won the fleet race with Trevor second. Thank you Thibaut for being the Officer of the Day.


1Ernst Prachatik
2Trevor Kennedy
3Thomas MunkSteen Wetlesen