Sunday 28 Feb 16 Fleet Race

Class : All BHC PHC SH Races : 1

OOD :Rob Moore

28th February 2016 - Elvis Fleet Race!!

A Fleet Race Sunday took place with 6 boats on the water. This was Thibaut's last race at the club with his daughter Anna before the family leave for a new life in Europe!! We wish them all the very best. They will be missed by many on and off the water.

Elvis impersonator Richard Sutherland put on a fine show with a range of music which had people up on the dance floor & tapping their toes.

There were even a few talented souls who stepped up to the mic with their voices to serenade us all. Thank you to everyone who joined in & helped make the day so much fun.


1Ernst Prachatik
2Thibaut de Saint-DenisAnna de Saint-Denis
3Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana