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Saturday 4 April 2015 Fleet Race OTL Poya Night Race OTL and BBQ
Class All
Notes BHC SH

  • OOD: Rob Moore

    Fleet Race - Over The Line

    Poya Night Race - 4th April 2015

    Last night was the first race of the season - the Poya night race - an opportunity to sail under the moon

    and, for many, the first time to see the club's stunning new lighting. As darkness fell and the thunder

    clouds rolled in, it looked like the race may have to be cancelled, but luck was on our side as the

    storm turned away from the club. Navigation was still very difficult as the sky remained overcast and

    dark. However, 5 boats set off and all returned to the club safely. Jon took responsibility for recording

    the results and Captain Per did an outstanding job in the club rib keeping the marks alight so people

    could see where they were going. A big thank you to our bar / boat staff who again did an exceptional

    job. The race ended with Duncan and Gail in third place, followed by Rob and Mini second over the line

    and and victory went to birthday boy Graham and Uschi. After personal handicap was applied the

    results were similar with Duncan and Gail in third, followed by Graham and Uschi second and Rob and

    Mini took first place.

    After the race the BBQ was lit and again a superb feast was enjoyed by all.

    A big thank you for everyone's support last night.


    1Graham FraserUschi Babushka
    2Rob MooreMini Trepte
    3Duncan FraserGail Fraser




    Previous Winners

    4 April 2015Graham FraserUschi Babushka