Sunday 17 Apr 16 Tyros Trophy

Class : All BHC Races : 1

OOD :Rob Moore

A series of 3 Fleet races. Crews must be carried. No PHC, but to be eligible helms must have a handicap of 6 or more at race 1. (No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be Tyros then Bowen Northway)

17th April 2016 - Tyros & Bowen Northway, New Year Fleet Race and Traditional New Year games.

The day started earlier than usual with fun & games on the lakeshore as we celebrated the New Year with the CMYC staff & their families by playing traditional games. The competition was evident in all the games which comprised lime & spoon race, three legged race, flour & sack race, blindfold clay pot smashing, egg throwing, bun eating, blindfold yoghurt race all rounded off with a tug of war between staff & members. This year the members tugged their way to victory after last year’s defeat! There were plenty of prizes to be won as well as gifts for the younger family members. Thanks to the committee & all who donated such generous prizes & gifts & for everyone’s support on the day in the running of and participation in the games.

8 boats took to the water after the morning’s lakeside action. There was a good wind to fill the sails of the 3 race series for the Tyros & Bowen Northway trophies. Trevor & Sarah sailed a spirited race on the heels of Anil & Michelle & won the Tyros Cup and although they were also in first position for the Bowen Northway this was awarded to Ernst who was in second place as no sailor was allowed to win both trophies. Anil & Michelle showed their dominance by winning the over the line fleet race.

Here are links to the full results with the winners listed below

Tyros Cup won by Trevor & Sarah Flynn - http://www.cmyc.lk/raceevent.php?id=2493

Bowen Northway won by Ernst - http://www.cmyc.lk/raceevent.php?id=2492

Fleet Race Over the Line won by Anil & Michelle - http://www.cmyc.lk/raceevent.php?id=2391

Fleet Race won by Trevor & Sarah - http://www.cmyc.lk/raceevent.php?id=2390

Capsize of the day awarded to Joe!!

Thanks to Paul Flynn for his photos of the action.

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1Trevor KennedySarah Flynn
2Ernst Prachatik
3Rob MooreMillie Moore


Previous Winners

17 Apr 16Trevor KennedySarah Flynn
19 Apr 15Per G HansenJanaka Krishan
6 Apr 14Ernst Prachatik
7 Apr 13Thibaut de Saint-DenisSarah Mann
27 May 12Frank BiesterveldGraham Fraser
30 May 10Hans Svendsen
17 May 09Chandima Gunawardena
13 Jul 08Nadine de RosayroPramukshi Kariyawasam
10 Oct 07Eric MaardMartin Dudek
23 Jul 06Mohan BalasuriyaPramukshi Kariyawasam
2011Frank Biesterveld
2003Hans Svendsen
2002Devaka Balasuriya
2001Per B Svendsen
2000Per B Svendsen
1999A Olmin
1998M Esposito
1997Janaka Krishan
1996A Davis
1995Pramukshi Kariyawasam
1994Chandima Gunawardena
1993P Parkes
1992R Jones
1991L Randles
1990R Maine
1989Trevor De Silva
1988D Brown
1986K Spencer
1985K Spencer
1984N Chanmugam
1981B Duncan
1979S Jinasena
1978B Jesudason