Sunday 25 Feb 18 Lipton Cup

Class : All BHC Races : 1

OOD :Mike Thompson

The Sir Thomas Lipton Cup was presented to the Club by Unilever Ceylon some years ago and it celebrates his five challenges for the Americas Cup between 1899 and 1930. He failed to win on each occasion but remained a popular character in the sport. One of the most prestigious cups at the club. Single fleet race and Crews must be carried.

Lipton Cup

OOD Mike Thompson

Sailors raced for the Lipton Cup. There were 8 boats on the water with 7 eligible for the Lipton Cup. Mike, as OOD, set a course which took the boats on a large 3 lap circuit of the lake with a long list of mark instructions to follow. A mixed set of wind conditions made for challenging sailing. Ahead of the fleet Anil & Michelle and Duncan & Gail battled for the honours & the rest of the fleet for the remaining places. Anil & Michelle won the battle & of course the Lipton Cup. Well done to them & to Duncan & Gail for putting up such a fight. Full results to be found on the website

In the concurrent fleet race Capt. Per raced over the line well ahead of everyone else in his Nacra. A beautiful sight when she catches the stronger winds. With Boat & Personal Handicap it was in fact Ernst who the fleet race.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the delicious tandoori wrap lunch which followed the racing. Thank you Gail.

Happy sailing everyone & enjoy your club




1Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
2Duncan FraserGail Fraser
3Ernst Prachatik


Previous Winners

25 Feb 18Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
9 Oct 16Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
6 Mar 16Per G HansenJanaka Krishan
14 Sep 14Thomas MunkSteen Wetlesen
17 Nov 13Jeremy BirdJanaka Krishan
16 Sep 12Steve GiffinMads Kristiansen
27 Nov 11Mohan BalasuriyaSteen Wetlesen
10 Jul 11Ernst Prachatik
11 Jul 10Joseph KennyPramukshi Kariyawasam
14 Jun 09Janaka KrishanNAR Nishantha
8 Jun 08Jeremy BollingPramukshi Kariyawasam
10 Jun 07Frank BiesterveldUSAID Guest
4 Jun 06Lalin JirasinhaAkshan Jirasiniha
5 Jun 05Janaka KrishanWM Chaminda Marambe
18 Apr 04Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
26 Jan 03Duncan FraserJanaka Krishan
2002L Gunatilake
2001Janaka Krishan
2000Joseph Kenny
1999Anil Gunawardana
1998Janaka Krishan
1997Joseph Kenny
1996Joseph Kenny
1995Asita Tennekoon
1994Lalin Jirasinha
1992Lalin Jirasinha
1991L Schroter
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