Sunday 16 Sep 18 Fleet Race

Class : All BHC PHC SH Races : 1

OOD :Mini Trepte

Sunday 16th September 2018 - OOD Mini

Some lovely words from Jeremy who sailed with his son Jordan & showed how it should be done. Events in Trinco split the fleet but you can view all the Bart's Bash results here & will see that CMYC still managed to put on a good show for Bart’s Bash this year with 47 sailors (33 boats) over two venues taking part.

From Jeremy --

"Sunday, understanding the sailing fleet may not turn out to be as large compared to the previous Barth Challenges, I thought it was going to be another quiet day with a few extra boats on the water.

But what a fantastic day it turned out to be, perhaps with close to around 80 people coming along. The sailing course that was put together by Asitha and Mini was simply fantastic and much to my surprise with the racing happening close to the club house the people on land were able to watch some exciting sailing.

Then with the DJ music playing some wonderful lazy hazy Sunday music and watching everyone relaxed, kids playing on the lawn and enjoying this wonderful Sunday was simply fantastic.

A big thank you to Sheron for the fantastic pre lunch dishes and then the Thai lunch and also for sponsoring the music. I hope there will be a few more Sundays like this.”

There were gusts of up to 22 knots with an average of 12 knots on the 2450m course. Two circuits of the course were sailed. After the first lap the Bart’s Bash times were recorded. After the second the overall Bart’s Bash Club Fleet results were recorded. Some real determination was shown by some of the younger sailors and everyone completed the Bart’s Bash course. Maya got a big round of applause for gamely sailing to the finish. Not all continued with the Fleet race but those that did had their own battles on the water. Jeremy & Jordan made it first over the line (without boat handicap) with some close sailing with Kethaka in his laser. It made for exciting watching from the shore.

Well done to all who were able to take part & support this Annual event now in its 5th year!

This coming Sunday 23rd September will be fun with the Hornet Handicap where the helm in the first race becomes the crew for the second!

Then there is the Maersk Trophy on the 30th September with a very special prize!!

Come one, come all & enjoy your club



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1Ernst Prachatik
2Kethaka Weerasuriya
3Jeremy BollingJordan Bolling