Sunday 27 Jan 19 Freelanka Napolean Trophy PHC

Class : All BHC PHC Races : 1

OOD :Joseph Kenny

Single fleet race. Freelanka Trophies. Presented by Free Lanka Trading. No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be XO then Napoleon. Crew must be carried if class has crew

Sunday 27th January Freelanka Sailing at CMYC - OOD Joseph Kenny

There were 3 GP14s & 2 lasers that competed for the trophies and generous prizes.

Joe set a lengthy course with provision for a shortened course should the wind abate. The sailors were fortunate that it did not and were able to sail the full distance.

In the end Anil & Michelle won the BHC Freelanka Trophy with Devin as runner up.

Anil & Michelle also won the BHC PHC race but as they had already won the BHC trophy Ernst was the winner of the BHC PHC Freelanka Trophy with Mini & first time sailor Alan Warland receiving prizes as runners up


1Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
2Ernst Prachatik
3Mini TrepteAlan Warland


Previous Winners

27 Jan 19Ernst Prachatik
21 Jan 18Rob MooreLauren Murfin
8 Jan 17Jacob PringiersZoe Pringiers
14 Feb 16Mini TrepteJeremy Bolling
11 Jan 15Sehr GunewardeneChandima Gunawardena
12 Jan 14Jon TrepteMini Trepte
10 Mar 13Per G HansenMartin Quigley
8 Jan 12Per F Svendsen
9 Jan 11Hans SvendsenJohn Gorman
21 Mar 10Rohan AmarasingheRohithe Amarasinghe
15 Feb 09Clive HaswellAllison Haswell
27 Jan 08Danii-elle SvendsenHans Svendsen
28 Jan 07Steve GiffinBob Guest
29 Jan 06Olof KronhamnLena Kronhamn
31 Oct 04Ernst Prachatik
2 Nov 03Sarith PethiyagodaHarkan Asanka's Guest
27 Oct 02Sarith PethiyagodaAkshan Jirasiniha