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Sunday 27 May 2018 Jeremy Bolling Shackle Optimist Trophy CMYC Optimist Shackle Final Day
Class OPT

  • OOD: Jeremy Bolling

    Optimist, Laser and GP14 members took part in five races over two days of tough racing at the club in The Shackle. In the first race sailors took off in a huge downpour with gusting winds. Thankfully the thunder & lightning stayed away.

    Our Vice Commodore, Duncan Fraser, gives an insight into the sailing experience. “Saturday started out by looking promising with a good 8 to 10 knots blowing in from the SW however standing on the bridge it was clear that there were big switches on the gusts that came across the lake. For the 1st start the pin end was favoured and the breeze was well out to the the left. Only two boats really took advantage of this. For the 2nd start the breeze was dropping after a heavy shower earlier on but still the left was the favoured side. The 3rd race really became a lottery as the breeze died off completely and started swinging 360 in the middle of the lake but the OOD hung in and had the fleet finish the race.

    Sunday dawned with the promise of a more consistent 10 knots again from the SW and the OOD had his line favouring the pin end however the breeze was clearly down the centre of the track with more defined shifts and it paid to watch your compass very closely and stay in tune with the shifts even though you might not be covering your competitors. Loose cover and tacking on the shifts was very much the order of the day.”

    Even after 5 races there were ties for first place in the Optimist & Laser categories. The final positions being decided according to number of race wins then if still tied the winner of the last race.

    There were 8 Optimists on the water. Jehan de Silva and Dhanika Nanayakkara were tied in first place with 6 points after the 5 races. Jehan took the honours having won 3 races where Dhanika won two. Niveyn Nanayakkara came a very close 3rd with 9 points.

    There were 6 Lasers on the water two of which were 4.7 and four were Radials. Boat handicap applied in these races which again were extremely close fought. Kethaka Weerasuriya and Zai Pestonjee had equal points of 9. They had both won two races so it came down to the last race to decide the winner which was Kethaka as he came 2nd in the last race whereas Zai came 6th. The last place on the podium was also tied with 11 points each for Randev Jayasinha and Nadine de Rosaryo. Nadine missed out on the podium as Randev had pulled off a win.

    There were 5 GP14s on the water in the main Shackle event. They were joined by the Topcat in the Shackle fleet race in which Personal as well as Boat Handicap are used. Anil & Michelle with 5 points just pipped Duncan & Gail with 6 points to win the club CMYC Shackle trophy. Again there was a tie for third place between Rob & Sarah and Per & Janaka on 13 points. Rob & Sarah’s 2nd place was higher than Per & Janaka’s highest place of 3rd which gave them the remaining slot on the podium.

    In the BHC & PHC fleet race Rob & Sarah convincingly took the honours but there was still a tie for runner up between Per & Janaka and Rohan & Rajitha. The tie break went in favour of Per & Janaka with their 3 wins to Rohan & Rajitha’s 2.

    It was wonderful to see the youngsters on the water. They sailed competently & competitively. Well done to coach Nadine for helping these young sailors to achieve such a high standard. We welcome Jehan de Silva and Kethaka Weerasuriya to the new Shackle trophy boards of Optimist Shackle and Laser Shackle winners respectively. All the sailors in all categories tackled the shackle enthusiastically and displayed great sailing skills. It was fantastic to watch.

    So many people helped make the Shackle such a success. The sailors who braved the elements, the Navy who supported the race on the water with their marshalling expertise, the boat boys in the boat preparation and getting the marks out in good time.

    A massive thank you to our OOD Jeremy & his team for overseeing the complex task of starting & finishing 3 boat categories back to back & keeping the bridge up to date with the complexities on the water. Also to Janaka for preparing the course, the Navy & boat boys.

    Lara and Kalana did a tremendous job of capturing the day’s action & winners in their photography on and off the water.

    Here's a link to Kalana's photos of the weekend

    See Kalana's photos

    In addition the bar & kitchen staff who kept everyone fed & watered. A tasteful high tea of cakes & samosas was a pleasant addition to the Saturday. Sunday was topped off with a cracking curry lunch prepared by Gail, Salome, Sarah & Mini. All hands on deck in the kitchen & out came the final result which had people coming back for more!!

    If you weren’t there you certainly missed out on a superb weekend!!


    1Jehan De Silva
    2Dhanika Nanayakkara
    3Niveyn Nanayakkara




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