Sunday 12 May 19 Bowen Northway

Class : All BHC PHC Races : 1

OOD :Joseph Kenny

A series of 3 Fleet races. Crews must be carried. (No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be Tyros then Bowen Northway).

Sunday 12th May - Tyros & Bowen Northway Trophies at CMYC

9 boats took to the water to fight it out in a series of three races, on a challenging course set by OOD Joe Kenny. The Tyros was an over the line race open to helms with a handicap of more than 6. Rehan De Silva came third, Roshanara and Rob came second and Ernst took First place.

In the Bowen Northway Anil and Michelle came third, Ernst was second and Roshanara sailed with Rob taking first place and winning her first trophy at the club.

Five Optis also sailed the same course and the results were Dhanika in third, Rory came second and Tharen took first place.

Well done to all who sailed and helped out.


1Roshanara FernandoRob Moore
2Ernst Prachatik
3Joseph KennyDave Ashman


Previous Winners

12 May 19Roshanara FernandoRob Moore
17 Jun 18Ernst Prachatik
23 Apr 17Ernst Prachatik
17 Apr 16Ernst Prachatik
19 Apr 15Asanka GoonewardenaRohan Pethiyagoda
6 Apr 14Trevor KennedySarah Flynn
7 Apr 13Thomas MunkSarah Flynn
27 May 12Joseph KennyMichael Coles
29 May 11Hans SvendsenAsanka Goonewardena
30 May 10Ralf Karpinsky
17 May 09Kshemendra P WeeratungaSehr Gunewardene
13 Jul 08Nadine de RosayroPramukshi Kariyawasam
7 Aug 07Eric MaardMartin Dudek
23 Jul 06Asanka GoonewardenaRohan Amarasinghe
24 Jul 05David CollinsJoseph Kenny