Race Results

Sunday 15 September 2019 Bart's Bash
Class BOD
Notes BHC SH

  • OOD: Mini Trepte

    A worldwide race in commemoration of Andrew 'Bart' Simpson arranged by the Andrew Simpson Foundation www.bartsbash.co.uk

    Sunday 15th September 2019 - Bart's Bash

    On Bolgoda Lake with 8 boats on the water the sailors appreciated the support from the bridge. The wind was conspicuous by its absence however the decision was made to "go for it" & resort to a shortened course if necessary. With light to no winds in the first part of the race but with the promise of winds in a darkening sky the race was run to its full extent. The squall that hit after the lull was too much for Ernst in his laser & Mini & Nihal in their GP14 so they reluctantly retired. The rest of the fleet braved the storm to come out of it into flat calm waters for the end of the race.

    Well done to Jordan on winning Bart's Bash, Rob & Millie for their second place on boat handicap having crossed the line in first place & Roshanara & Joe for their third place.

    In Trincomalee there were 10 boats on the water in a stiff breeze. Well done to them all but in particular for the sailors on the podium with first place for Dhanika, 2nd to Tarini & 3rd to Udan. Good luck to you all in the IODA Championships.

    Please look at www.bartsbash.com to see how CMYC did in this worldwide event.


    1Jordan Bolling
    2Rob MooreMillie Moore
    3Roshanara FernandoJoseph Kenny




    Previous Winners

    15 September 2019Jordan Bolling
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    18 September 2016
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