Race Results

Sunday 28 April 2019 Fleet Race Opti
Class OPT
Notes SH

  • OOD: Janaka Krishan

    Sunday 28th April - Mission to Seafarers & Opti Fleet Race

    It was great to see a larger fleet with 11 boats fighting it out on the water once again. The Optis went off first and Nikhil took third place, Tharen took second and Dhanika took first place. The main fleet race went off smoothly with shifting winds. After the handicaps were applied Ernst took third place, Rob and Kethaka took second and PJ and Richard sailed an excellent race to take the trophy by only 9 seconds.

    A special mention must go to the three boats who pulled away from the rest of the fleet in the Over the Line race. Roshanara who is relatively new to GP sailing was right up there with some of the top sailors in the club. She took a close third place but her improvement on the water is nothing short of exceptional. Anil and Michelle took second place with Duncan and Gail taking line honours.

    A big thank you to the Mission to Seafarers who provided pennants for the winners. The entry fees were added together and handed over to their worthy cause. Thank you to all of you who contacted me and entered even though you were unable to make it. I look forward to seeing you all on the water again soon.

    Rob Moore

    CMYC Sailing Convener


    1Dhanika Nanayakkara
    2Tharen Nanayakkara
    3Nikhil Nanayakkara




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    28 April 2019Dhanika Nanayakkara
    14 October 2018Jehan De Silva
    30 September 2018Dhanika Nanayakkara
    16 September 2018Mathisha Karunaratne
    17 June 2018Jehan De Silva
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