Sunday 24 Feb 19 Fleet Race OTL

Class : All BHC SH Races : 1

OOD :Per G Hansen

Fleet Race - Over The Line

Sunday 24th February Burton Trophy & Jeffrey's Cup Sailing at CMYC - OOD Per G Hansen

Sunday saw three boats on the water for the Burton Trophy & Jeffrey's Cup. Per Hansen set a great course for the 3 consecutive races and Ernst won all three. Mini & new sailor Liam (who was visiting from Melbourne) battled for runners up honours with PJ & Richard.

Dolly's visitors, Sarah & Laura, kindly presented the trophies. Ernst won the Burton Trophy presented by Sarah. As Ernst was not allowed to win both trophies Mini & Liam were awarded the Jeffrey's Cup by Laura.

What followed was a fine curry lunch organised by Wenche & enjoyed by all.

Richard aka Elvis was back in the building with a surprise visit & sang after the lunch which was a great excuse to sing along & dance off some of those calories from the curry feast.

Perhaps he'll be back on the 3rd of March!!

Looking forward to seeing you at the club on & off the water.


Jon - SC


1Ernst Prachatik
2Mini TrepteLiam Bartholomeusz
3Purajitha TaldenaRichard Gould