Sunday 23 Sep 18 Fleet Race OTL

Class : All BHC SH Races : 1

OOD :Joseph Kenny

Fleet Race - Over The Line

Sunday 23rd September 2018 - OOD Joe

Last Sunday was fun even though there were only 3 boats on the water.

The trophy was the Hornet Handicap where there are two fleet races & the helm & crew swap positions after the first race.

The pairings were Rob & Ernst, Mini & Joe, PJ & Richard.

Mini & Joe got their spinnaker in a right mess in the first race & were flying it on the beat as well as reach & run as the line got totally jammed in the mast & had to be untied to flap around uselessly. The other sailors allowed time after the first race for the spinnaker to be removed so that Joe & Mini could compete in the second race which was very gentlemanly of them.

PJ & Richard made up a new team as well

Good to see Ernst leaving his laser for a more successful sail in a GP14 with Rob.

Mini & Joe won the first fleet race on handicap & Ernst the second

In the end Rob & Ernst won overall & it was well deserved as they were first over the line in both races.

So we all had a great day with fresh shifting winds to keep us on our toes.

A relaxing BBQ on the lawn by the lake rounded the day off very nicely indeed.


1Mini TrepteJoseph Kenny
2Rob MooreErnst Prachatik
3Purajitha TaldenaRichard Gould