Graham Fraser

1st Place as Helm

23 May 2015RCYC Logan Cup
4 April 2015Fleet Race OTL
23 November 2014Fleet Race
23 November 2014Craven Cup
23 November 2014Dowbiggin Cup
9 November 2014Fleet Race
31 May 2009Jeremy Bolling Shackle GP14 Trophy
30 April 2006Hornet Handicap

2nd Place as Helm

16 August 2015Fleet Race OTL
9 August 2015Fleet Race OTL
24 May 2015Fleet Race OTL
10 May 2015Fleet Race OTL
10 May 2015Seabird Challenge Cup
4 April 2015Fleet Race
28 December 2014Fleet Race
9 November 2014Mobil Oil Cup
16 December 2007Craven Cup
11 December 2005Euro Regatta
4 September 2005Ant Island Trophy (Race 1 of 8)

3rd Place as Helm

9 August 2015Fleet Race
30 May 2015Jeremy Bolling Shackle GP14 Trophy
10 May 2015Fleet Race
10 June 2012Fleet Race
29 August 2004Carlsberg Cup
2 May 2004Seabird Challenge Cup
25 April 2004Bank Trophy

1st Place as Crew

17 May 2015Mission to Seafarers
17 May 2015Fleet Race
27 May 2012Tyros Trophy
18 January 2009Intercontinental Trophy

2nd Place as Crew

17 May 2015Fleet Race OTL
15 March 2015Burton Trophy
13 October 2013Fleet Race
13 October 201375th Anniversary Cup
13 October 2013Walker Challenge Cup (Race 4 of 8)
27 May 2012Bowen Northway
14 June 2009Fleet Race
12 January 2003Dowbiggin Cup

3rd Place as Crew

13 October 2013Diamond Jubilee Cup
6 October 2013Qantas Cup
3 January 2010Rear Commodore's Race
8 March 2009Walker Challenge Cup
24 June 2007Brown's Shield