Hendrik Hans Svenden's Guest

3rd Place as Helm

13 March 2011Ant Island Trophy

1st Place as Crew

2 August 2009Fleet Race
25 January 2009Ant Island Trophy (Race 8 of 8)
18 November 2007Walker Challenge Cup (Race 6 of 8)
27 May 2007Jeremy Bolling Shackle GP14 Trophy

2nd Place as Crew

2 May 2010Fleet Race
21 March 2010Freelanka Trophy PHC
16 August 2009Alton Cup
8 March 2009Walker Challenge Cup
22 February 2009Jeffrey's Cup
7 August 2007Bowen Northway
24 June 2007Brown's Shield

3rd Place as Crew

31 January 2010Fleet Race
15 February 2009Freelanka Trophy PHC
10 August 2008Alton Cup
3 August 2008Alton Cup