Walker Challenge Cup
Class All
Notes BHC SH

A series of 12 races (4 discards allowed). Same boat must be sailed. PHC less than 7 to be eligible. Applicable PHC will be that of the first race.

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2017Ernst Prachatik
2015Thomas Munk
2014Jon TrepteMini Trepte
2013Thomas MunkSteen Wetlesen
2011Frank Biesterveld
2010Frank Biesterveld
2009Jeremy Bolling
2008Mohan BalasuriyaSteen Wetlesen
2007Frank Biesterveld
2005Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
2006Joseph Kenny
2005Anil Gunawardana
2001Janaka Krishan
2000Joseph Kenny
1999Joseph Kenny
1998Anil Gunawardana
1997Anil Gunawardana
1996R Arambawatte
1995Anil Gunawardana
1994Anil Gunawardana
1993David Blackler
1992Joseph Kenny
1991Jeremy Bolling
1990Joseph Kenny
1989David Blackler
1988David Blackler
1987R Antill
1986D Greenhalgh
1985D Greenhalgh
1984David Blackler
1983David Blackler
1982David Blackler