Burton Trophy
Class All
Notes BHC SH

Presented by Harold Burton. A series of 3 fleet races. Sailed concurrently with Jeffrey's Cup. No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be Burton and then Jeffrey's

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2019Purajitha TaldenaRichard Gould
2018Ernst Prachatik
2017Joseph KennyRichard Gould
2015Per G HansenJanaka Krishan
2014Thomas MunkSteen Wetlesen
2013Thomas MunkSteen Wetlesen
2012Diana CantleyRob Cantley
2011Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
2010Joseph KennyPramukshi Kariyawasam
2009Joseph KennyPramukshi Kariyawasam
2008Frank BiesterveldUSAID Guest
2007Steve Giffin
2006Joseph KennyUSAID Guest
2005Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
2004Joseph KennyPramukshi Kariyawasam
2003Sarith Pethiyagoda
2002Joseph Kenny
2002Duncan Fraser
2001Jeremy Bolling
2000Joseph Kenny
1999L Gunatilake
1998Anil Gunawardana
1997Joseph Kenny
1996Lalin Jirasinha
1995Anil Gunawardana
1994Lalin Jirasinha
1993Lalin Jirasinha
1992Jeremy Bolling
1991Jeremy Bolling
1990D Brown
1989Lalin Jirasinha
1988Nihal Jinasena
1987David Blackler
1986David Blackler
1985David Blackler
1984P Bischof
1983David Blackler
1982David Blackler