Jeremy Bolling Shackle GP14 Trophy
Class BOD
Notes SH

BOD Championships. Restricted to CMYC members and one of the most prestigious trophies of the club. Renamed in 2020 from CMYC Shackle to Jeremy Bolling Shackle in honour of Jeremy Bolling

Previous Winners

Year Helm Crew
2020Duncan FraserGail Fraser
2018Anil GunawardanaMichelle Gunawardana
2017Devin GoonewardenaNGM Upul Ghanawardana
2016Devin GoonewardenaJeremy Bolling
2015Devin GoonewardenaGunawardane Devin's Guest
2014Devin GoonewardenaKC De Soyza
2013Devin GoonewardenaKC De Soyza
2012Frank BiesterveldNGM Upul Ghanawardana
2011Frank BiesterveldJeremy Bolling
2009Graham FraserJeremy Bolling
2008Frank BiesterveldUSAID Guest
2007Arosha JayasundaraHendrik Hans Svenden's Guest
2010Frank Biesterveld